Study English

Strong English skills are the foundation for your academic and career success. The College provides a variety of programs to suit your needs. You can study at home from your country, or come to Canada to be immersed in the English environment. Either option will allow you to reach the proficiency level required to enter an academic program or enhance your career prospect. The College also provides summer camps and short-term customized ESL training for you to learn about the Canadian culture through experiential learning.

Integrated English Online Program
St. Lawrence College is offering students the opportunity to learn English from the comfort of their homes around the world. This online program allows students to access quality curricula on an e-learning platform and engage in live video conferencing with qualified ESL teachers in Canada. 

Credential: Certificate of Completion

Program Code: N/A


12 Weeks

Short-Term Customized Training
St. Lawrence College provides customized English language training programs, which combine English classes with vocational content. The purpose is to learn English in a professional context and increase proficiency by learning targeted vocabulary and usage.   

Credential: Certificate of Participation

Program Code: N/A


2-4 Weeks